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About Us

In 2021, The Wyatt was established in Gordon with the sole purpose of providing their community with a café where people could eat, drink and stay connected to the community. Under the influence of diversity in cultures, The Wyatt has worked with its passionate team members to bring the world to you in the form of food and beverage as well as hospitality where our team members can also be your best mates.

Our Story

With inspirations from Annie Forsyth Wyatt, The Wyatt also takes focus on giving back to the community and connecting the community through social works, wonderful setting and vibrant atmosphere where not only your mates can tag along, but your neighbors can too.


Be it international cuisine or local favorites like the simplest avo on toast, yes, we see you. You can rest assured that The Wyatt has got you covered. Because in The Wyatt, we believe that a healthy and happy community starts with a hearty brekky and a big cup of coffee so hop on over to your trusted neighborhood café, that’s us of course! and get yourself a big ol’ spread, while you’re at it, grab your best pal or your favorite neighbor to share this experience with them.

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